SPGM-Vid Module for SPGM

How can I link a Video Gallery from specific Photo Gallery?

With the introduction of SPGM-Vid v1.0.6 you can now do this. To get everything working, follow theses steps.

1) Create a text file in the Photo Gallery you wish to link to a Video Gallery, name the file "vid-gal.txt".
2) Edit the text file and add the full path to the Video Gallery or Galleries. The paths must be relative from spgm-vid.php and not the Photo Gallery Itself.
3) That is it; did you think there would be more?

For example, let us say you wanted to link from the standard SPGM "Sample gallery" to the standard SPGM-Vid "Sample videos." The "vid-gal.txt" file would look like this.

Text Filename: vid-gal.txt

You can see the "vid-gal.txt" used by the "Sample Gallery" by clicking this link.

But there are a few rules to using "vid-gal.txt".

1) You may include several paths statements in the "vid-gal.txt" file. The first path should be on the first line. The second path should be on the second line. And so on.
2) All paths used must begin with the same directory you defined in the setting "DIR_VID".
3) You currently need to use only "/" and not "\".
4) Ending the paths statements with a "/" is optional.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask for help by clicking on the "Support" link in the menu.

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