SPGM-Vid Module for SPGM

What is SPGM-Vid?

Before I can answer that, I have to tell you what SPGM is. SPGM is short for "Simple Picture Gallery Manager" and was written by Sylvain Pajot in PHP and is available for free. SPGM is highly customizable through the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and easy to understand configuration files. SPGM generates the picture galleries automatically without the need of a database. Simply point SPGM to the folder on your web space that contains the picture and thumbnails, and it does the rest. The only requirement to run SPGM is PHP installed.

So with that out of the way, I can answer the original question. SPGM-Vid adds streaming video support to your existing SPGM picture gallery. SPGM-Vid is just as customizable with its use of the same CSS and configuration files used be SPGM. SPGM-Vid currently can stream videos with "Windows Media PlayerŽ", "Apple QuickTimeŽ", "Macromedia ShockwaveŽ" and "Real PlayerŽ" other video stream types maybe added in the future. Like SPGM, there is no need for a database. You just need to have a supported video type and thumbnail (default thumbnails are now included) , and you are streaming. Assuming of course that the required video plug-in is installed on your visitor's computer.

What are the requirements for SPGM-Vid?

An existing copy of SPGM v1.4.5 (or newer) running on your web server. Also, PHP version 4.1.0 or higher (required by the getID3() Library).

How do I install SPGM-Vid?

You just need to copy all the SPGM-Vid files to the same folder on your webspace as SPGM, make a handful of changes to your existing SPGM gallery files and you are ready to start streaming. If you don't feel comfortable making the required changes, pre-changed files are included with SPGM-Vid for your use. For more information on how to install SPGM-Vid, see the "Installation" section of this website for additional information.

How do I set-up SPGM-Vid?

Like SPGM, SPGM-Vid is easy to set-up. Most of the settings are located in one file and they may not even need to be changed. See the "Set-Up" section of this website for additional information.

How do I customize SPGM-Vid?

SPGM-Vid uses the same CSS and configuration files used by SPGM, so refer to your SPGM guide to customize SPGM-Vid.

Do all browsers support SPGM-Vid?

With its use of both the "Object" and "Embed" HTML tags, SPGM-Vid should be supported on any modern Internet browser. Again, assuming the needed video plug-in is installed on the visitor's computer.

SPGM is XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant, is SPGM-Vid?

Since SPGM-Vid needs to use "Embed" to stream video, SPGM-Vid looses its Strict compliancy when streaming a video since "Embed" isn't currently part of "XHTML 1.0 Strict."

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