SPGM-Vid Module for SPGM


I need to thank the following contributors.

Sylvain Pajot: For not only writing SPGM, but for all his help and guidance of SPGM-Vid. Without his help, this novice PHP scripter would still not know how to use a "require" statement. Also, for the many emails that I sent him asking questions, that he always answered promptly and in plain English.

James Heinrich & Allan Hansen: Although they don't know it, without them SPGM-Vid would still be stuck in development. They are the developers of getID3() which is a series of libraries that can extract useful information from MP3 and other media files. SPGM-Vid currently uses getID3() to determine video type, the video's height & width, video's file size and the running time.

"Timmy": I need to thank a member of my forum, "Timmy" for making the animated SPGM-Vid logo.


I need to thank the following people for their help in translating the changes to SPGM-Vid.

Original SPGM Translation Additional SPGM-Vid Translation
Bulgarian: Milena Dimitrova
Catalan: Pau Amaro-Seoane and David Riera
Chinese traditional: Chan Pak Hing
Chinese simplified: Jiandong Ruan
Croatian: Mitja Venturini
Czech: Vladimír Jarý
Danish: Dan Eskildsen Danish: "Emerpus"
Dutch: Bram van Haren Dutch: Harm Tilburgs
Esperanto: Patricia Saco
Estonian: Andres Kuusk
Finnish: Samuli Laukka Finnish: "Jarppa"
French: Sylvain Pajot French: Sylvain Pajot
Galician: Patricia Saco
German: Christiane Schubert and Johannes Riedler German: Ulf Mayer
Hungarian: Ferencz Tamas
Italian: Stephano Martinelli
Korean: Dongshik Son
Latvian: Gints Karklins
Lithuanian : Jonas ?
Luxembourgish: Robert Delvaux
Norwegian: Tor H. Borthen
Persian (Farsi): Behnam Esfahbod
Polish: Andrzej Rusin and Marek Witkowski
Portuguese: Ricardo Lamego
Romanian: Cristian Simion
Russian: Alex Rayskiy Russian: "VseDoFeNi"
Serbian: Nikola Kotur
Slovenian: Mitja Venturini
Spanish: Felipe Brahm
Slovak: Peter Chovan
Swedish: Peter Jonsson Swedish: "koltroll"
Turkish: Osman S. Bankoglu Turkish: "yuzgen"
Vietnamese: Hung Lan Nguyen

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